Innovation in the system of education.

2022-05-10 19:46:03 -0400

Innovation is a means (a new method, methodology, technology, program), and innovation is the process of mastering this means. Ideally, a competently selected essay writer service should guarantee the success of the innovation as much as possible. Innovation process is a complex activity on creation, development, assimilation, use and dissemination of innovations. The novelty of any tool is relative in both personal, and in time (historically). What is new to one leader like for one school, one teacher, may be passed stage for others. Novelty always has a concrete-historical nature. For example, the 16th century The class and lesson system of education, humanistic pedagogy, the concept of optimization of the educational process, supporting notes and other innovations were and are outstanding ideas of their time, and they can not be considered and They cannot be viewed, let alone evaluated, outside of their historical context. The following types of innovations are currently found in schools:

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